South Carolina Re-cap. Spurrier not cocky enough

I love college football. I love the unpredictability, I love upsets, the playoff that starts on week one, the debates on which teams and conferences are better, and I also I love it for plays like this:

To be sure, Miles had the better horses on Saturday, and we were expected to win…..but Miles outcoached Spurrier. LSU was prepared, and won the game without a star offensive lineman, and a QB that was at about 60% of his ability. Also of note: this was the first time that Ryan Perrilloux joined the game before the point spread was covered, so he really must be gaining the trust of Miles & Gary Crowton. This would have been an easy game to lose, looking back on it. Before I get into it, here’s what I liked about yesterday’s game:

1) The play of the offensive line: South Carolina has a solid D, but only had 3 tackles for a loss. With an injured offensive line, and a muddy field this could have been a weak link.

2) Matt Flynn’s toughness: Flynn showed a lot of courage by playing yesterday. It was clear that he was hurting, and the field conditions really didn’t help much. His no-look behind the back pass to Colt David on the fake field goal at the end of the first half broke the gamecock’s back, in my opinion.

3) Another solid week by the LSU defense. Another week, another game where we forced a coach to doubt his starting QB, pulling him in favor of the backup. Sure, we gave up 16 points, but you can’t shut out opponents, much less a Spurrier-coached team every week.

Here’s what I didn’t like about this week’s game:

1) Our stable of highly touted receivers – I’m not going to point out any specific player, god knows they’re all college kids trying really hard, and they’re young, but for fuck’s sake catch the @#%#%@$@ing ball. Richard Dickson is excluded from this, as he made a few good catches and didn’t seem to drop the ball at all. Speaking of our highly-touted receivers, where was Tolliver yesterday?

That’s about it. Stay tuned later on in the week for commentary on the upcoming Tulane game, who suspended their starting running back for 4 counts of attempted murder this week, and commentary on the first 1/3 of the season. Other commentary around the league:

Oklahoma 62- Tulsa 21

Stoops — put in your fucking backups, or your QB’s gonna get Bomar’d. You’re as big an ass as Herban Meyer.

USF 37 – UNC 10

Typical big east. Schedule weaker teams from BCS conferences to try and prove a point.

Syracuse 38 – Louisville 35

Wasn’t Louisville a top 10 team? Nice defense, giving up 38 points to the worst offense in Division 1-A.

Florida 30 – Ole Miss 24

Finally a Florida game where I don’t have to bitch at Herban Meyer for running up the score. I thought Ole Miss was going to pull this one off. It’s a shame people still talk about coach O as being on the hot seat, he actually is turning this program around. I really like what BJGE is doing, and the new Ole Miss QB is looking like the real deal.

Boston College – Army (score irrelevant)

Direct quote from ESPN’s commentators: “And BC proves why they should be ranked in the top 10 right here, such brilliant moves against army”. Army. They’re not even good enough to be in division I-AA, and the last bowl game they were in was over 26 years ago. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Michigan St. 31 – Notre Dame 14

Notre Dame flat out sucks this year. Terrible. You have to feel sorry for Jimmy Claussen, they have a terrible offensive line. Seriously though, Charlie Weiss should be fired after this season, but won’t because of his mega-contract. It’s a sad sad state of affairs. People will point to racism with Ty getting fired with a better record than Charlie, but Charlie just has a better agent. Man does it do a heart good to watch that fat fucker squirm when getting interviewed by the media.

Colorado 42 – Miami of Ohio 0

Butter face, but jesus look at them abs!

Mississipi State 31 – Gardner-webb 0

It’s a shame that this game actually counts in Sly Croom’s W-L column, but I guess we all have our cupcakes right? And shouldn’t cupcakes be relational? Sure, we play Middle Tennessee and Tulane, but Sly needs an easier team to teach them how to play ball.

Tennessee 48 – Arkansas State 27

Phil, glad to see your offense is back on track. Play some D.

Georgia 26 – Bama 23

Ahh…Simeon, don’t be so hard on yourself, you guys really shouldn’t have been in this game to begin with. You don’t deserve to be in a Saban secondary.

A familiar sight for many LSU fans, a dejected Saban after choking against a beatable team. To be fair, Alabama has done MUCH better than I thought they would this year, and I have to give them credit, but oddly enough a lot of that credit is due to Major Applewhite’s offense. This team does not have a Sabanesque D.

Kentucky 42 – Arkansas 29

What more can you say about Rich Brooks and Kentucky this season? Sure, Arkansas isn’t the greatest team this year, but they’re not a bad team either. It’s a shame that Mitch Mustain transferred — this game might have been closer, but it’s hard to tell.

4 Responses to “South Carolina Re-cap. Spurrier not cocky enough”

  1. Joshua Says:

    LSUphootball analyst guy, could you write me please? I have a question for you. Thanks!

  2. Butter Face Says:

    A google search for Butter Face brings up that poor girls pic as the first result now :p

  3. kyle Says:

    screw that. she’s cute.

  4. vincente Says:

    sorry,shes hot. maybe your one of those just jealous “mean girls”

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